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We have literally repaired THOUSANDS of Xbox360, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo Wii. We offer the longest warranties in the area and our repairs are very reliable. We cater to your needs and help relieve your frustrations.

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We know you have a choice in where you take your PlayStation 3, Xbox360, or Nintendo Wii in for repair so here are some things to consider in your decision.

Modern consumer electronics manufacturers are prohibited from using lead in solder. With the absence of lead in the solder it becomes far less ductile, meaning that it can’t flex or stretch as well as leaded solder. This causes problems because through the many thermal cycles of the “on” and “off” during the life of a system, the solder can only expand and contract so many times before it eventually snaps. It’s sort of like you taking a wire coat hanger and bending it back and forth until it finally breaks.

RSX Chip

Lead-free-solder is also non eutectic, which means the different metals in the solder alloy melt at different temperatures, unlike leaded solder where everything melts at the same temperature. The melting point for lead free solder is over 300 degrees Celsius. If you under heat it, it won’t bond well to the board or parts, it won’t form a good joint, leaving voids and other defects in the joints that lead to early failure under normal circumstances. But when you add extraordinary amounts of heat, or heat improperly then the motherboard and BGA substrates will warp resulting in catastrophic failure due to permanent damage to the chips and/or bridging of the solder joints under the chips. The surfaces and substrates of the chips and motherboard are often left uneven by other repair techs and will cause early failure due to insufficient contact and thermal stress.

With the launch of the Xbox360 and PlayStation 3 manufactures new to working with lead free solder re-flowed solder on the low temp side thinking that they are saving the components from thermal stress, when in fact the joints weren’t properly melted and thus weak. Same goes with most repair centers found on craigslist and on the internet.

We closely monitor temperature and follow a strict thermal profile to ensure that your console won’t be damaged in the long run, but rather continue to work for a long while. To prove it YOU WILL BE COVERED WITH A 90 DAY WARRANTY IN WRITING ON YOUR RECEIPT.


Make sure that your repair technician uses the proper tools to monitor the temperature flow.

We use infrared equipment and tools specifically designed to rework lead free solder. There is no substitution for using the right tools and the right methods.

Make sure your technician has experience.

We’ve been repairing errors with the Xbox360 and PlayStation 3 for a while with a 99% success rate. Usually when we are not successful with a repair it’s because attempts were performed before we get our hands on it. Don’t be one filled with regret because you took it to the wrong guy or attempted to do the repair yourself following horrible instructions from YouTube or those lame guides that you see all over the search engines. Your console is too expensive to replace to risk in the hands of an amateur.